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Creators Jazette Lane-English and AJe’ English one day decided to start their own sports company. They were on a mission to shed a positive light on the lives of women inside professional sports. Little did they imagine that before the year was out, they would have touched the lives of so many women; NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Professional Soccer, NLL, WNBA, NBA Mom’s, and the WPBF.

Hard-working women, by day, both managing two non-profits in the tristate area. By night and weekends, they are CEO& CFO of SpeakEnglish5 Sports Communications Group, LLC and die-hard fans of college basketball athletes A.J. English III & A’Jen English. They traveled the world as a family for over 10 years experiencing the many things offered to A.J. English II as a professional basketball player in the NBA and overseas.

They’ve written several inspiring articles for their online sports column, and shared the phenomenal stories of powerful people in the world of professional sports such as; Lucille O’Neal, Chloe’ Taylor Brown, Corey & Jennifer Hawkins (Miami Heat), Mia Wright, Terence Stansbury, Harvey Grant, CleRenda McGrady, Niya Mathews, Richard Dent, Tomeka B. Holyfield, Karen Moyer, Bonnie Bryant Chasity Melvin and many more. They have even discussed controversial topics in sports with great political minds like Marcia L. Dyson, Symenday Lloyd, Digit Murphy, and Aronda Kirby. They have also created the SpeakEnglish5 Synergy Conference hosted annually in Washington, DC and established solid partnerships with media moguls such as; Michele Thornton, SVP of BET Sales/Centric TV, Michael Graham, Heart & Soul Magazine, The Chloe’ Xperience, DJ and Da Bear, IAMENTERTAINMENT, Black Celebrity Giving and pro sports organizations; Pro Player Insiders,NBA Player Development, Off The Field, NFL Wives Association; Sisters In Sports, NBWA, National Basketball Wives Association, NBRPA, and AthlEATS Unwrapped. SpeakEnglish5’s other supporting organizations are Ron Busby, US Black Chamber, Morgan Stanley, Reed Smith and the Urban League.

Jazette & AJe’ are not only great motivational speakers; they also take pride in giving back to their communities, and I think your listeners would find their stories fascinating. Fortunately for radio audiences, they are as articulate in person as they are on the printed page. They would be perfect guests for your program. They are available any day next month — but December they are booked for their annual holiday initiative.


Women in Pro Sports “Homeless for A Day”

Socials with Espresso

AJe’ J. English is the Chief Financial Officer for SpeakEnglish5, & creator of a series of innovative networking events for millennials called, Socials with Espresso! “Socials with Espresso is all about bridging the gaps between the professional world of millennials. It’s about taking a leap of faith and not being afraid to fail”. These series of events create an atmosphere where the idea of networking will no longer give you sweaty palms or cause you to be unsure of yourself! You will receive networking advice & tips that AJe’ believes in!

Join us and learn how to:

  • Work The Room
  • Promote Yourself
  • Make Real Connections

Look forward to:

  • Intriguing Q&A with AJe’ and other guest speakers
  • A chance to win great SE5 prizes
  • Receive an invitation to our next event

All over an espresso! Spots are limited. Join our email list below and get the inside scoop. We maybe in your city next! Don’t forget your business cards!

Appearances: http://blondiejones.com/2016/05/aje-englishs-socials-espresso/