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How to go from stylist to salon owner with Asha Still

Millennials are doing what it takes to leave a positive impression on everyone that they meet in the business world. The Huffington post ran a test and studies show,” Millennials care so much about how they’re perceived that respect can be a powerful motivator” (Adamson, M. (2016, October 28). Bragging Rates: How Millennials Redefined Cool with Financial Services. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/advertising-week/bragging-rates-how-millen_b_12694168.html). As a millennial, both I and the mass majority of us find huge value in being the boss vs. working for the boss. The goal is to find your niche’. Read how Asha Still, millennial and NFL wife found her niche’ and perfected it one client at a time with Adore My Hair!

SWE Blog: What does your brand stand for?

Asha Still: Adore My Hair the brand stands for luxury! I want every client of mine to feel like they received a royal experience when leaving the salon or shopping our hair online.

SWE Blog: What made you want to open your own hair salon?

Asha Still: Opening my own hair salon has always been a dream of mine. Due to my husband being a professional athlete we travel a lot which made it difficult to decide where I wanted to open my salon. Since recently moving to Houston, Texas we decided to settle in Houston. So now I can focus on making that dream of owning a salon into reality.

SWE Blog: Who is your ideal client?

Asha Still: My ideal client is anyone looking for a creative experienced stylist. I love when clients trust me enough to sit in my chair and say “Just work your magic, I trust you!” It relieves pressure off me and allows me to tap into my artistic mood.

SWE Blog: What key communication skills do you use to help maintain a high profile clientele?

Asha Still: Some key communication skills I use to help maintain a high-profile clientele is to treat everyone the same. Clients value their time and money. So regardless of who my client is I want them to all feel respected and comfortable when sitting in my chair.

SWE Blog: How has becoming an NFL wife helped to grow your brand and grow your fan base?

Asha Still: Becoming an NFL wife helped to enhance my brand by allowing me to travel all over the world and connect with so many individuals that I wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise.

SWE Blog: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs that don’t know where to begin to start their own business?

Asha Still: Advice I have for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be sure you’re passionate about your business. Building a business is hard work and will come with a lot of challenges. Being passionate and determined about your business will help to keep you motivated when things aren’t going as planned. Surround yourself with positive people who have similar goals and great work ethic as you. Having a strong supportive team around you will help your business to grow.

SWE Blog: What’s the biggest life challenge you’ve faced? How did you overcome that challenge?

Asha Still: The biggest life challenge I’ve faced was the past two years of my life, from my husband getting injured to my step daughter being diagnosed with cancer. I had to deal with a lot of stress. At times, I didn’t know how I would get through it all. However, my faith is what kept me going and keeps me going every day. During those times, all I could do was pray for answers and guidance. With God, my family could overcome those difficult times.

SWE Blog:What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

Asha Still: I honestly wouldn’t do anything different. I believe everything happens for a reason if it wasn’t for everything I went through I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.

SWE Blog: What’s next for you?

Asha Still: There is so much in store for me. I’m currently in the process of launching my Indian Hair Extensions and Product line. It will debut this spring! Over the past couple years; I’ve made it my mission to gift women battling cancer a custom wig. After seeing the affects chemo had on my grandmother when she was diagnosed, I wanted to do something special for other women going through similar situations. Having my own hair extension line will allow me to help those women on a larger scale.

SWE Blog: We almost forgot! We network over an espresso. What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?

Asha Still: My favorite Starbucks drink is White Chocolate Mocha with extra crème!

SWE Blog: For anyone that wants to become a client how can they contact you?

Asha Still: Anyone who wants to contact me can send me an email to ashastill@gmail.com. They can also visit my social media pages for updates on the website and launch of my hair extension line Adore My Hair!

SWE Blog: What are your social media handlers?

Instagram: Asha Still , Facebook: Adore My Hair, YouTube: Adore My Hair

Thanks Asha for giving us a peek behind the scenes of Adore My Hair!

It’s important to remember three key tools that Asha gave in her interview!

1. Be passionate about your craft
2. Make your clients feel that each and every one of them is special
3. Surround yourself with a strong and supportive team

Above all else remember to present yourself and your brand with the confidence that exudes from every great entrepreneur. Every client you acquire should be treated as if they’re your only client. Give them a reason to come back! Let every networking event you attend be a platform to expand and grow your brand. Millennials, we rock! Straight Socials with Espresso, no cream!

Bio: Adore My Hair is more than a brand; it’s a way of life! Asha “Adore” Still began building her brand Adore My Hair over five years ago, while working in a Philadelphia based hair salon as a stylist. Since her first client, she’s been determined to leave her mark on the beauty industry by providing remarkable customer service. Specializing in an array of extension services Asha decided to start her own Indian Hair Extensions and Product line which will debut this spring. If you’re looking for luxury hair extensions look no further. Adore My Hair is your one stop shop providing all your hair care and hair extension needs!

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