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Women in Pro Sports “Homeless for A Day”


Women in Pro Sports “Homeless for A Day”

Creators Jazette Lane-English and AJe’ English one day decided to start their own sports company. They were on a mission to shed a positive light on the lives of women inside professional sports. Little did they imagine that before the year was out, they would have touched the lives of so many women; NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Professional Soccer, NLL, WNBA, NBA Mom’s, and the WPBF.

Hard-working women, by day, both managing two non-profits in the tristate area. By night and weekends, they are CEO& CFO of SpeakEnglish5 Sports Communications Group, LLC and die-hard fans of college basketball athletes A.J. English III & A’Jen English. They traveled the world as a family for over 10 years experiencing the many things offered to A.J. English II as a professional basketball player in the NBA and overseas.

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